Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Oh! No. This blogging activity is so addicted that I can't wait to continue writing it. Did I tell you about the 'hen nite' we had at one of the super cool place where the group always go and gossips. It was so much fun when everybody come and get to enjoy a not a very quiet dinner as the bride to be want it. Unfortunately, one of the group was admitted in the hospital so we cant actually have fun and feel guilty about it. Let us continue about the other kepochies in the group.

Loneranger... (bukan nama sebenar) She is tall, pretty, alluring, sharp features, attractive hot huchi mama who dedicates her love to her children and things she love, a groupie, have a very strong body tolerence to anything, great sociall skills. We call her Mama San due to her chain smoking habit. MBBA (guys u know what I mean right).

Friendly...... (bukan nama sebenar) She is the super cool gal coz she has a very super cool family, nice, famous, (coz she is one of the model in a famous video clip back then), kind, honest, softness, matured, stylish, your lembutness, your kind of not knowing malay artist, places in malaysia, some malay words, ur fairer skin and your blurness to certain issues. For me she is perempuan inggeris terakhir. Cool babe...

Yippie...... (bukan nama sebenar) She is hardworking, dilligent, outgoing, fun, non confrontation friend, very understanding and forgiving, so manja, modest, kind and have a soft heart. Due to her kindness, she always being bullied to be the last person to know the kepochies story that we have gossip. Hope you will be happy in your love and career life babe. I support you.

Sporty.... (bukan nama sebenar) He is kind, helpful, always being bully by them, has a commitment phobic (sure or not), a 'mat saleh" celup (he eats nasi with fork), always being neutral to any conflict and last but not least he is the superlate kind of guy. Hehehe...... jgn mare beb.

Charming..... (bukan nama sebenar) He is charming, love of my life, sporting, understanding, mischievous, cheeky, playful. Even his mother can be his victim of his playfullness.

A total of 9 kepochies complete the group. Urban wannabe who always lepaking, smoking, drinking, partying, eating, talking and gossiping. We even thought we have half of shares with Pelita Bangsar (we hangout there almost everyday after work). We love each other very much sometimes we become too protective over each other, and sometimes we just bluntly said what we have in mind, we are too engrossed of each other (anything new about one friend can be spread in 5 minutes time), I am so grateful to have so much great friends coz I know there is no agenda behind the relationship. We accept each other flawless and we support what ever decision that he or she wishes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Its been a week, I cant sleep well with a comfort of my 'teddy bear' and my bantal busuk, so what do i do?. I have been reading quite of blogs and i find it interesting when people tell their side of stories, opinions and experience. Being me, an idiot who doesn't know anything about cyberworld. Thinking ... still thinking. Oh! Shit.... why am i doing this??? Is this for real???. Am i going to write anything about me and let the people know. Hmmm, why not??? I have been out of radar so long. I don't think the old friends of mine would know. Here, the story goes...

The word "KEPOCHI" means someone who likes to talk much and unnecessarily, like the other said busybody, i would prefer someone or a group of friends who likes to relax, sit down and gossips about anything.. hehe he

Me as part of the group who likes to 'gossip' and let me intoduce you the stories of me and frens. Me is 5', petite (perasan sikitla) So what... my shoe size is 3 and i hv to wear S sizes for all my shirts and trousers, adventurous,mischievous, kind, outgoing and observant. I like to read, watching movies, have fetish with shoes, i like to eat.. and this hobby of mine has change my petite frame.

Blurry..(bukan nama sebenar) is a friend of mind who i know when i work at one of the financial institution. We are not that close back then. She is blur, i can say that because she is kind, soft hearted, practical, non nonsense and sensitive. Very smart and able to eat yet not store any amount of fat. I love you as you are especially when you can come up with a "vast" comment when we least expected it.

Hillarious.. (bukan nama sebenar) is a friend of mine who i know so well he doesn't need to tell me what is going on with him because i can read his mind. We kind of having a 'telepathic' thing. It is either i want to kepochi about it or not. He is hillarious, entertaining, crazy,flirtatious, funny, sensitive, generous and confuse. I do adore him as my dear friend and brother. Life without him will be boring because he always have something funny or a joke that suddenly thrown out from his brain.

Energetic.. (bukan nama sebenar) is a friend i always hear her name but couldn't have chance to get to know her back then until recently we become quite an item. She is tall, slim and slender, a hot mama who is confident, independent, crazy, witty, bubbly. Oh! I like when she says OMG with her pitch voice not even siti nurhaliza can compete.

Thats all for now. I have to prepare myself for my other friends hen nite. Got to go to salon, do some waxing and enjoy.. Chow..